Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine Greens the Nature

As the serious problem of environmental protection attracts people’s attention, manufacture industry makes out new demand for it. While the Sand Making Machine used for making artificial aggregates will be restricted, because good number of dust will be produced when it is making sand. Now Shanghai Shunky follows the step of new rules of environmental protection, and improvement has been melt into our machine, and it will be the model of green construction machinery.

Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine absorbs the Barmac technology and mends it some parts. The core of this tech. is rock on rock companies rock on iron, rock on rock makes the shape of final product more reasonable, rock on iron is that rock flies onto the crushing plate around the chamber and breaks into smaller sand. The air current in Sand Making Machine’s chamber is convective, so the dust is reduced. And the auxiliary dust removing machines will be supplied with Sand Making Machine if you’d like.

Besides, hydraulic cover opening device and thin oil lubrication system are our merits.

If you are looking for Sand Making Machine, welcome to Shunky!