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Tips on Maintenance of Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine, major equipment for artificial sand production, undertakes much load in its operation and costs a lot of money, calling for good maintenance. Shunky hereby offer tips on that as follow: 

1. Keep the load normal

Generally, the bigger the load is, the more the sand making machine will get abraded, and the abrasion will get intensified when the load changes fast or exceeds the designed value on the average. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the load in the range of the designed value with even increase or reduce, namely, ensure that the motor and the oil pumps works stably without big power shift, so that the sand making machine works stably with small load shift. 

2. Lubricate regularly and reasonably

    According to statistics, half failures of sand making machine in its operation are caused by improper lubrication, so a normal and reasonable lubrication to the machine will reduce those failure greatly. In the first place, it is important to use appropriate lubricant, that is, the one made from or assigned by the sand making machine producer, not other ones or substitutes, nor poor quality products. Next, inspect the quantity and the quality of the lubricant, and make supplement or replace with better product if it is not enough or not good.

3. Take right managing measures

   The sand making machine tends to be made from plenty of new materials of new techniques and new new designs due to the updates of technology, which demands the relevant management more and more scientific and complete. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the damage, transformation, or corrosion of the sand making machine in its transportation and preservation, to maintain it regularly strictly for good technical state, and to run it correctly to reduce and prevent its failures by artificial faults.

 In one word, the sand making machine will perform its best so as to produce expected sands only if it is well maintained.