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Shunky Sand Making Machine Win the Market by Innovation

In recent years , the industry of sand making machine in our country is in high growth and has gained remarkable achievements,but the way of rough development is at the cost of great resource and environmental sacrifice. Our country is just in a period of high-speed economic development and lage-scale construction of the foundation ,but many times ,just for seeking economic speed simplly ,the practice lead directly to rough-way manufacture, low technical content, high energy consumption and many other problems. Naturally, we can not change the objective reasons , but some subjective such as the technology gap are the things we can change through hard work.

As one leading enterprise in sand making machine industry, Shanghai Shunky Spends too much introducing advanced foreign technology , makes continuous reform , and drives itself to improve the ability of independent innovation.Our main purpose is to learn others' research methods and unique creative thinking. After the endeavor of these years, there has been substantial progress in our sand making machines. For example , based on rich experience , the production of Vertical Impact Shaft Impact Crusher , produced by our company independently,is of high quality. Both the wear-resisting technology of its blow bar, inside plant , impact plant and its high efficiency and energy saving technology are all excellent .They display our good performance and higher innovation ability adequately.

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