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Installation of the Sand Making Machine

The third generation new-style sand making machine is a new developed sand making machine according to the requirement of the market. The charging size is small, the size of the products are uniform, the capacity is large, the life of the hammer is long, the power is small, the structure is simple, it is easy to maintain, and its operation is stable. Since its usable range is wide, so we will expound the issues of the sand making machines installation.

(1)   Before the installation, we should clean all the dirt, and we also check out if the components are complete or have any injury during the transport according to the packing list;

(2)   Ahead of the installation of sand making machine, we should check the size of the foundation bolt and the location of the hopper, to see if they are coincide with the facility on the scene. If there is any unconformity, we should take measures to revise;

(3)   Hoist the mainframe in the foundation, adjust the position of the feeding hopper and the discharge hopper, make it cuts the mustard of the technical arrangement;

(4)   After adjusting the position of all the parts, we can have the secondary grouting;

(5)   After the solidification of the secondary grouting cement, we can adjust the V-belt compactness through adjust the bolt, the requirement is we can turn the machine.