Shunky Sand Making Machine Prevails on Market

The current demand for artificial sand on the market grows fast, and the sand making industry develops in the direction of intensification, standardization, massiveness, and high efficiency, calling for proper sand making machines to meet customers' requirements. Shunky sand making machine keeps improving and optimizing in this background and prevails on the market fast. 

Shunky sand making machine is dependent on research and development by itself based on the models of "stone at iron" and "stone at stone" and applicable to crush various highly abrasive rocks because the spare parts are well abrasive and seldom stand the impact of the rocks. Experience and statistics for a long time show that Shunky sand making machine produces sand in the final products 15% -20% higher than that of other machines of the same specification on the market, and the Shunky produced sand is ultrafine among which the part under 5 mm accounts for 65% or more, better than the 20% -50% national standard.

Shunky sand making machine is widely used for complete crushing of mining tailings, waste rocks, steel slags, etc. for substitute of natural sand to make use of the resource comprehensively, and the sand making line, sand making machine as core equipment, contributes to expansion of artificial sand in light of the shortage and poor grading of natural sand. Shunky sand making machine produces various sands of outstanding shape, small and uniform size, and adjustable grading used for aggregate of cement sand pulp, cement concrete, and bituminous concrete, etc. in the industrial sectors of road construction, building, dam, and municipal project, and so on.

Shunky sand making machine is characterized by its high productivity, low power consumption, little failure, easy maintenance and convenient repair, and works better if used in combination of jaw crusher, sand washing machine, etc.