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Normal Maintenance of Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine makes a huge contribution to the short supply of natural sand. But it may have breakdown when sand making machine is working. Shanghai shunky’s engineer introduces brief maintenance of sand making machine according to rich experience.

1.      We should check the inner attrition of sand making machine. Change or repair the parts if there is attrition. Don’t open the observation door and observe the working condition when the sand making machine is working. Forbid check the machine without technical personnel.

2.      Add some lubricating grease into the sand making machine every 400 hours. Open the main shaft and clean the bearing after working 2000 hours. Change a new bearing when sand making machine works for 7200 hours.

3.      Ensure suitable pull force of sand making machine’s transmission vee belt and keep even force on vee belt. If the sand making machine adopts two motors, we should make same length of each set of vee belt.

4.      We should pay much attention to the security when the sand making machine is working. The personnel should keep away from the machine.

Only with correct operation and maintenance can sand making machine work smoothly, and bring many profits for us.