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A small rotor of Shanghai Shunky gives Sand Making Machine new effect

One set of Sand Making Machine with reliable quality and good performance is necessary in construction project. And rotor is the key part of Sand Making Machine, so its design of structure affects the whole machine's features and life. Shanghai Shunky has been making improvements in the rotor's design and manufacture and develops new type of rotor with deep cavity.

Compared with traditional Sand Making Machine's rotor, the new type rotor with deep cavity has higher-height launch mouth, which means that there is more space among three parts-unloading cones; impellers protect mouth circle and runner plates. The increase of internal space makes the rotor can accommodate more materials, and its productivity increases substantially. At the same time, this design can reduce runner plates' wear and lengthen its life. Besides, we also have made a lot of improvements in other key parts of new type Sand Making Machine. For example, we use rhombic impact blocks instead of rectangular ones, which avoids rectangular blocks' excessive wear during its operation and lengthens impact block's life efficiently. We also use sectional type blow bars and put the design of deputy blow bar into practice. Thus, we can improve the efficiency of blow bars in Sand Making Machine, effectively avoiding the impeller's injury brought by artificial negligence of failng to change blow bars in time and improving the machine's safety factor.