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What we cannot ignore in the installation and debugging the sand making machine

The safety in the manufacture is the most important thing than anything else! But the safe working is in the precautions. What we should do is find the potential safety hazard, and then kill them in the cradle! The sand making machine will be installed in the concrete, the foundation can hold several whole machines. When installation, we should make the sand making machines main shaft are vertical with the horizontal. We should also set a lifting appliance, the weight of the appliance should be considered as the biggest weight, the above of the sand making machine should be left for the slinging, and the sided of the sand making machine we should also left for checking.

Before the prospecting heavy industry sand making machine come out from the factory, it has operate with empty load for 8 hours, and every department are operate normally, though we should take a comprehensive review in the sand making scene after the installation. The most important thing of the safety is prevention! Check if the lubricating pipe is linked with each other tightly, before the commissioning we should refuel again, the Mobil superfine motor oil or the 3# lithium based grease. Then check all the components, if the lubricating pipe are linked with each other tightly, and check if there are some foreign matters in the impeller carefully.