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Shunkys Sand Making Machine Strives to No. 1

As we all know, there are many suppliers of sand making machine in china, whose sand making machine are of different quality. As a professional equipment to make sand, sand making machine can crush the raw material to the size less than 5 mm, thus it can supply standard sand for the construction. Shanghai shunky manufacture co., ltd is a manufacture whose golden product is sand making machine, and it has done many aspects to make it perfect.

On the one hand, from the perspective of inner quality, shunky’ sand making machine adopts the best steel which is purchased from the well-known supplier in china, which can guarantee the quality very well. These all guarantee the sand making machine is durable.

On the other hand, from the perspective of using high-level technology, shunky’s sand making machine uses the hydraulic equipment which increases the automation degree to save the manpower consuming. In addition, the rear oil lubrication system of sand making machine can use double oil pump to keep continuously supplying of oil, and when the temperature of oil is under 15 degrees, the heating device of sand making machine will work and when the oil temperature is exceeds 50 degrees, the water cooling system will work, thus it can make sure that the sand making machine is in a stable situation.

Besides, shunky spare more efforts in the particulars, for example, shunky replaces the edges and conors by arc, which has contributed much to the optimizing of the outlook of sand making machine.

If you need the sand making machine, please refer to the online service of Shunky Company, we will be very pleased to help you.