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Shanghai Shunky Sand Making Machine has multiple insurance devices

Sand Making Machine is the main product of Shanghai Shunky. Based on experiences, Shunky develops VSI Sand Making Machine with multiple insurance devices. What are these insurance devices? And what are their roles? Shunky's technician will tell you in details.

Firstly, it has vibration sensor, which can check the machine's stability. If some impurities go into the machine when Sand Making Machine is working, the machine will shake strongly and the vibration sensor will alert to protect the machine. Otherwise, if the shake is too strong, the main shaft may crack easily.

Secondly, Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine uses double oil pump design. During the natural working process, there is only one oil pump work. When the pressure or rate of flow isn't the set value or the first oil pump doesn't work, the second one will work automatically to make the main machine's normal operation.

Again, Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine has automatic detection function. When there are no overflows in the oil pump or the temperature is too high, the machine will stop working automatically.

At last, it can be said that rare lubrication system is also an insurance device of new-type Sand Making Machine in our company. The rare lubrication system can avoid problems like bond, quick increasing temperature and bearing's sudden death.