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How to use the Sand Making Machine in rainy weather

With the advent of the rainy season, the work environment of Sand Making Machine has change, and the aggregate increase of humidity brings problems to customers. Wet materials brings sealing phenomenon, which makes Sand Making Machine work abnormally. Shanghai Shunky explains how to use the Sand Making Machine in rainy weather:

 1. When encountering thunder weather, you should turn off the system first, and then shut off the main power switch which prevents the burn out of machine power.
     2. Preventing flood water from entering causing a short circuit phenomenon.
     3. Preventing soak by the rain, cause the rust of main body, reducing the life of the Sand Making Machine.

     The use of Sand Making Machine in rainy season must consider these issues, Shanghai Shunky specializes in the producing of Sand Making Machine, we professionally solve the various problems encountered in the work of the machine, welcome to consult and purchase!