major Infrastructure investment projects examination and approval accelerate,promoting the development Of sand making machine industry

In order to cope the slide of economic growth, major Infrastructure investment projects’ examination and approval accelerate obviously,this will promote the development of sand making machine industry. Relevant sides have been required to reported investment plan at the end of June. Projects’ examination and approval accelerate. The central budget about these projects is expected to be stired in place in advance.This first half year embraced projects’ examination and approval peak and the central funds will be allocated in advance. Compared with the first two years

,this year government budget’s supply speed up obviously.

These phenomenons show that when the economy growth slow down government have started to ramp up investment to jump-start economy growth. Compared with the first two years ,this year government budget’s supply speed up obviously.Since the end of February major Infrastructure investment projects’ examination and approval accelerate.Part of highways,airports and pathway projects’s examination and approval passed in one time. A number of key areas and key industries roll out. Future investment direction will mainly focus on “under constructionproject and continuing construction project”the key areas are central and western regions.Parts of the capital projects’s laying off caused Investment of capital construction glide since august of last year and these projects are mainly in central and western regions,so Midwest will benefit obviously.

Resently, the state council premier wen jiabao said We adhere to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy and put steady growth in a more important position.The most important for steady growth is to expand demand and investment for railway will be a important point.Recently,the overseas market demand of our country is not stable, The European Union is China's largest export market,but recently the economy of parts of European Union member states is not stable making our country’s oreign demand growth environment grim.Therefore,expanding demand is mainly in expanding domestic demand.On the premise that general orientation of adjustment on real estate market is invariable, Appropriately speed up infrastructure investment,especially speed up the investment for Midwest areas. Appropriately speed up infrastructure investment,especially will not push the level of fixed investments.

Somebody think that the core of steady growth is”stable investment” and investment in railway is the key point,railyway projects are expected to quicken.The investment for major projects,” 12th Five Year Plan”projects will also quicken.If adjust investment and financing platforms and other key links,the investment for these projects will be promoted.