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How does the Feeding Affect Sand Making Machines Efficiency?

Many clients reflect that the sand making machine is not as efficient as the new one after being used for a period of time. In general, we look for reason from the main parts of sand making machine and ignore the feeding link. Correct feeding can make sand making machine more efficient. Now, the technical personnel of shanghai shunky will tell us how feeding affects the efficiency of sand making machine.

There are many kinds of feeders for sand making machine, like screw type, vibrating type, strobe type, impeller groove, belt type and so on. What affect the choice of feeders are the stability and adaptability to the material. The feeder of sand making machine should evenly feed along the feed opening of sand making machine. Uneven feeding will lead to unstable working and uneven attrition. Compared with other feeders, screw feeder is not a good choice. At present, the impeller groove feeder is often used.

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