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Happy Dragon Boat Festival, Greetings from Shanghai Shunky

As the Dragon Boat Festival coming, all the staff of Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. hereby express great appreciation to the customers, new and old, for their support, and may all the customers prosper and enjoy great fortune!

The Dragon Boat Festival comes at the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calender; it is a conventional festival for the Han people in China to memorize Qu Yuan. When the festival comes, people eat Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice pudding), hang calamus, armoise, and mugwort leaf, fume atractylode, and drink realgar liquor for celebration. The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the festivals according to law in China, and is on the list of Global non-material cultural heritages.

Shanghai Shunky is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing equipments for stone crushing, sand making, mineral preparation, stone screening and washing, etc. Shanghai Shunky will continue to supply products and services of remarkable performance and high quality for the customers.