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Tips on Sand Making Machine's operation

When you use Sand Making Machine, you should control the max feeding size, feeding quantity, discharging size and materials' water content. It's necessary to allocate Sand Making Machine according to materials and working site's situation. Impeller's speed, balance, shock and their grading all need to be dominated.
When you want to make sand, the feeding size is generally small than 20mm. Products' size from the first crushing should be small as far as possible, so that the burden of the next crusher can be reduced and the effect of manufactured sand can be good. The max feeding size of Sand Making Machine is 40mm. The feeding quantity is relative with returning materials' quantity. Limestone is relative soft, whose ratio is about 1:10. The discharging size depends on the vibrating screen, and generally speaking, you should allocate one or two screens after one Sand Making Machine.
Also we should control materials' water content, which is relative with crusher and lining material layer. Generally speaking, there are two extremes. One is for dry materials, which has high efficiency, but with bad air pollution. At this time you should allocate fan filter. In the north of China complete dry materials are common, for this situation we usually use water to remove the dust. The ratio of water spray should be in 3%-5%, but should not be more than 7%. Because if there are much clay of the feeding materials, the lining material layer will be soft and may crowd near the impeller.
In order to make sure Sand Making Machine's impeller's balance, before impeller's installation each head cast's weight tolerance shouldn't be more than 50g. If one of runner plates is broken, all of others need to be replaced.