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Shanghai Shunky Sand Making Machine Set Off A Tide Of The Times

     Sand industry matures, the intensity of competition. Shanghai Shunky uphold the interests of the customer-oriented, service-oriented philosophy, continuous innovation, hard work, provides a excellent opportunity to create profits for the majority of mining equipment needs of customers. Shunky production jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, cone crusher, vibrating screen, mining crushing and screening equipment to the feeder, and so much attention and praise of the people in the industry, especially in the Sand representative of the industry, sand Shunky in the same industry is increasingly in the form of a recession, set off a wave of the mining industry of sand shaping to increase confidence and hope to the many related industries.
     Sand pedal rack, lubrication oil reservoir, the drive motor part, the part of the upper and lower rack assembly, the center of the rotor, the spindle assembly assembly structure, material fall into the high-speed rotation of the impeller from the upper part of the machine the formation of high-speed centrifugal force and the other part of the Umbrella shunt around the impeller materials to high-speed crash and smash materials collide later in the crushing cavity formed part of the material lining repeatedly impact, friction and grinding. Shunky Sand impeller speed up to 75m/s more than speed, the other thin oil lubrication system lubrication, greatly improve the service life of the sand making machine, reducing maintenance costs, increase production efficiency.