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The sand making machine are used in the highway, high-speed rail, high-rise buildings, municipal administration, hydropower dam construction, and prove high-quality gravel aggregate for the concrete mixing plant, can be used in artificial sand making and stone reshaping industry. As the reduce of the natural sand, the artificial sand are acting a more and more role in people's daily life.
The sand making machine consist of feed hopper, material distributing device, vortex crushing cavity, vane wheel, main shaft assembly, foundation, gearing, support, lubricating system, the heart of the sand making machine is the vane wheel, it is made of points material cone, runner plate, the material thrown, the impacting block, they are all use the high strength high wear resisting material, it can extend the machine's life. Based on the traditional sand making machine, with the innovation and the requirement of the customers, we have developed a new series of VSI sand making machine, it has a high-capacity, high-output, stable running; a low consumption of the quick-wear part; its production are cube, and the grading are reasonable, the fineness module can be adjusted; especially the artificial sand making and stone reshaping industry; it also has a hydraulic open cover device, it can reduce the time and effort, and is easy to maintain; the sand making machine itself has a vibration display and alert device, it can check automatically, it is safety; it adopt the thin oil to lubricate, this can improve the lubrication effect, extend the life of the bearing; it has kinds of crushing cavity, it is a multi-purpose machine, it's flexible; beside this, Shunky always pays attention to the rule of our nation, insist the rule of energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon,so our sand making machine has little working noise, and little pollution, it adopts a special air self circulation system, has a good effect to dust removal. When you feel pleased, it's a biggest support to our work.