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Shunky Sand Making Machine Shows High Sand Making Efficiency

Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine is Shunky's engineers development of new efficient sand making products , who listened carefully the use of the on-site staff and the resulting problems at the production site for a long time , Shunky VSI representative the cutting-edge of the the modern mechanisms sand process ,it is international Sand machine with high efficiency and low cost. Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine highlighting the tip of the the international mechanisms sand technology.
Shunky has perennial accumulation of the modern processing equipment , the stringent requirements of the product ensure that the VSI new Sand Making Machine is always leading position in the same industry. Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine superiority is reflected in all aspects. The first, Shunky new equipment production increased by 30% compared with the same power equipment, and stable operation under the same value for the customer to create more interest; wearing parts consumption is lower compared to the same industry equipment, running costs reduced by 30%, reduce the cost of customers; shaping effect of the new equipment proven increased by 30% compared to traditional;Thin oil lubrication system and automatic maintenance completely solve the problem of bearings ,such as fever, extended maintenance intervals and service life; dual-motor driven, reducing the motor load to ensure continued high efficiency of the device.Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine's variety of links, each part, each process have done to achieve the highest level of the world, so that Shunky has a most excellent value , the reliability of their equipment is unique in similar products.
Shunky VSI Sand Making Machine is domestic exclusive production with world-class high performance sand making equipment, the equipment is designed for highway, high-speed rail, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate, artificial sand ,it's the preferred device in stone shaping field.