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The Advantages of Sand Making Machines Lubrication System

As we all know, sand making machine is a kind of widely used mining machinery equipment, and it is mainly used in making artificial sand and reshaping. There are many kinds of sand making machine, in which most advanced is VSI sand making machine. It is much improved in lubrication, efficiency, final products and capacity. Now I analyze the advantages of sand making machine’s lubrication system.
Shanghai shunky’s sand making machine adopts advanced lubrication station. There are two oil pumps in a lubrication station. Only one oil pump works when it is normal. Another oil pump will work automatically only when the flow or pressure of the former oil pump cannot reach the standard or the former pump oil breaks down. In addition, VSI sand making machine adopts thin oil which is different from grease lubrication. When the system temperature is higher, we can add cool water to cool the system; in the cold regain, we can heat the lubrication oil. In this way, the problems of easy bonding, quick temperature rising and easy bearing locking can be avoided.
Shanghai shunky VSI sand making machine has been improved no matter in technology or machining, especially the lubrication system, and it can do good lubrication for sand making machine and help improve the efficiency.