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Shunky talking about Africa market

In the afternoon, Shanghai shunky International Trade Department Afica group discuss how to develop market.firstly the group leader summrizes work of Africa Market: three clients want to see the equioments. The sales mananger points that we should be enthusiastic as salers. Then she tell us some countries have a brightfuture, we should pay attention to them. In the process of discussion, we are very active, put forword some useful suggetions, as holding the exhibition, searching for some projects in somr countries, and linking to the Engineering Department of China that have some progects in Africa countries. My colleage also suggest issuing letter of introduction that some countries has been using for the Africa market.
Africa and China has a obvious different time, when we working, they are out of work and when we are off work, they are working. The Afirca market is an important part for shunky. Some years ago, China and Africa built a good realationship. As time goes,the realationship goes well. It is a chance for shunky. Project is an important part of the assistance of China, and our company should seek cooperation with these engineering company. In this way ,our company will benefit a lot from it. As a salesman, we need to take advantage of this opportunity. We need to seek for the pontential customers, and develop the market.
In my opinion, Africa maket is a vast market, but we need to work hard to find the clients for ourselves and shunky.