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Shanghai Shunky's Hydraulic Cone Crusher Unveiling On Bauma Expo

After many years' research, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co. Ltd. exhibited its technologically world-advanced hydraulic cone crushers and SKJ jaw crushers at Shanghai Bauma exhibition on November 27. In the exhibiting area of Shanghai Shunky, we showed up our newest products, equipments, various services, and technological materials.

Shanghai Shunky's products are renowned for the equipments like sand making machines, crushers, mobile crushing stations, sand making production lines, and so on. Its products are widely utilized in the construction of the infrastructure, railway, and city in every corner of the world. The exhibition this time showed a hydraulic cone crusher which is finely designed and produced.
This hydraulic cone crusher has the advantage of advanced structural design, great crushing ability, high credibility, and low processing cost. Through the lifting moving cone of single hydraulic cylinder, it fulfills diverse functions such as adjustment of mine vents, clearing the chamber and the protection for iron overload. It is equipped with intelligent electronic mine vent controlling system, and fulfills more functions of producing process control and operation optimization. On the base of conventional cone crushers, the new hydraulic cone crusher has been modified no matter on the structure or the working principle. It has the unique character of extraordinary productivity and simply maintaining operations when being used in aggregate production, while its biggest merit is that it can produce good particle-sized aggregate products when reducing the cost.
In recent years, Shanghai Shunky has been actively exploiting the emerging market, and in the circumstance of the European financial crisis, it still kept its high growth in consecutive years. Participation in Bauma exhibition this time will definitely bring a new opportunity for Shanghai Shunky.