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Lubrication System of Shunky's Impact Crushers Prior to Fulfill Automation

In today's world, economic development is the core of the mainstream. Therefore, many economic development strategies have prompted rapid development of impact crushers and other products. Shanghai Shunky is a manufacturer specializing in producing crushing and screening equipments. It is known to all that the impact crusher is the mainstream equipment to produce materials for a wide range of industries. The maintenance work of the impact crusher is an insurance to the equipment's working life. Today, Shunky will explain you the maintenance of the crusher.
The friction surface should be timely lubricated during the operation of impact crushers, which is the only way to ensure the long-running of the equipment without problems. Shanghai Shunky, through a long period of research and development, has developed the thin-oil lubrication system to replace the grease lubrication system, thus eliminating the shortcoming of uneven lubrication and achieving the automated lubrication status of the equipment which pushes the crusher technology to a new height.
The lubrication system developed by Shanghai Shunky is based on the advanced Germany's lubrication system and has become a new product which fits for impact crushers' work after we researched the lubrication usage condition domestically. The system generally includes the oil pump, the filter cooler, the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel tank and tube, instruments and some other devices. When the crusher is operating, if the oil pressure is too high and oil flow is excessive, the hydraulic adjustment system can adjust it with the fuel pressure regulator and restore the set value to ensure normal operation of the equipment. When the temperature in the fuel tank is too high, the system will make it return to the normal range by the filter cooler.
The impact crusher Shunky researches and produces is far better than peer products on quality and on the device's technological content, it has been the first to move close to automation. Shunky relies on its great strength and the strong ability of research and development and never stops innovation on the road forward. It keeps ongoing efforts to produce equipments that customers like.
Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co. Ltd. is a renowned impact crusher manufacturer. Over the years, the company's equipment is always as good as before. It continuously improves the equipment's working life on quality, and on the service, it makes every effort for customers' various needs. It is Shunky's conscientious spirit decade as one day that makes Shunky's equipments loved and admired by all customers.