To Speed up the Usage of Sand Making Machine is Imperative


During “3.15”, CCTV exposed the Shenzhen sea sand buildings event, which brought a great shock for us, also increased doubts of the buyers. The dangerous sea-sand buildings have become a hot topic for a while because it is essentially related to the safety of life and property safety of the people.

With the reports of sea-sand buildings in Shenzhen, Shandong Peninsula News exposed that there were similar problems in Shandong. What’s worse, a benefit chain has been formed out there.

"A Professor Ningxu Han from School of Civil Engineering in Shenzhen University said, the sea-sand buildings has great harm, for example, the chloride in sea sand will corrode steel construction like cancer cells, making reinforced steel bar lose support force, eventually leading to housing collapse" (From: Singapore Lianhe Wanbao).

There is no small matter on life safety. The houses is where people settle down and get on with their pursuit, especially today the cost of a house equals almost an ordinary family’s life saving. How to protect the basic rights and their interests of citizens needs our regulatory authorities strictly enforce the law. Meanwhile, with the sharp reduction of natural sand, we should encourage the builders to use the more reliable artificial sand. It is a long way to achieve it, which needs the supports in all fields.

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