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Dust Removal System in Sand Making Plant---Sand Washing Machine


As the environmental protecting standard is higher and higher, the sand making plant will be equipped with the dust removal system and dust removal cover, the sand washing machine is also needed. Its function is not only for dedusting, but also washing away the mud and other impurity. From the aspect of sand making plant investment, equipping the sand washing machine on the sand making plant or not should take the following aspects into consideration:

    1.The distance between working site and water source; when it is near the water source, we will choose to add a sand washing machine, which will reduce the cost;

    2.For the local environmental protection policy, if the standard is high, the recycle pool is needed;

    3.When customers require high cleanness, we should equip the sand washing machine in sand making plant.

    Shanghai Shunky is a manufacturer who provides crushing and screening equipment, we can equip the whole sand making plant according to the customers' demands. The sand washing machine can achieve the standard of construction grades.