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The Sand Making Machine from Shanghai Shunky is Widely Praised in the Canton Fair


    China Import and Export commodities fair or Canton fair was founded in the spring of 1957, held in Guangzhou during the spring and autumn every year. Now it has a history of more than fifty years, and is of the highest level in China with most complete items currently. It is the best and comprehensive international trade event.

    In Canton Fair is where foreign gathered, sand making machine from Shanghai Shunky got a lot of attention for constant progress these years. Sand making machine is the company's main product and is one of the outstanding chips. Customers from Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia liked our sand making machine for the size and the shape of products. A lot of clients consulted and communicated with salesmen. They said they had witnessed that our equipment brought great benefits to the customer in their own countries. The product quality, after-sales service and price are well accepted in their countries. Our sand making machine has the following advantages in particular: large capacity, high output; wearing parts consumption is low; excellent grain shape; especially suitable for artificial sand and stone plastic, which is proved better than other traditional equipment with the plastic effect increased by 30%; thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance; simple and portable installation, easy operation, light weight.

   I believe that after the Canton Fair, our sand making machinery will has an even larger market!