New-type VSI Sand Making Machine is the Main Force in Sand Making Industry

    Sand making machine is important equipment in heavy industry. It can provide high-quality stone and sand for construction and railway industry, and raw material for metallurgy and beneficiation industry. The wide use decides the large demand of sand making machine, so it becomes the most popular stone crushing machine. VSI series sand making machine is the latest sand making equipment. Compared with the old type, its capacity and efficiency increase largely, and it becomes the main force in sand making industry.


    As the expansion of industry production scale, people have a high requirement on the capacity of sand making machine. The old type uses rotor of shallow cavity, which has a small capacity; VSI series sand making machine adopts deep cavity, and the capacity is increased largely. VSI series has been improved in its design. The structure strength of the old type is not high for simple material. VSI series overcomes these shortcomings, and has a large promotion in strength and toughness. Lubrication system is one of VSI’s advantages. The old type uses lubricating grease, which has a bad cooling function and shortens the life span of shaft. VSI series adopts advanced thin oil lubrication station, which makes the shaft keep a suitable temperature. And both the shaft’s revolving speed and efficiency are increased.


     VSI has more advantages. For these advantages VSI sand making machine becomes the main force in sand making industry.