Expand the Market with qualityShunky Sand Making Machine of High Efficiency

The demand for artificial sand is increasing, as the necessary equipment in sand making industry, premium sand making machine is produced with unique research and development, which can definitely satisfy the most important demand of different clients.

According to years’ of research and development of sand making machine in Shunky, it can produce ideal effect in the processing of cobble. Of course, the yield of cobble depends on its hardness. In general, cobble can be divided into upstream, midstream and downstream with the hardness of 4-5, 7-8 and 9-12 respectively. Cobble in upstream is ordinary stone dropping into the water without long time washing, therefore, the hardness is not very great with a relatively high output. Cobble in midstream is of medium hardness while downstream high hardness with relatively lower output.

The wearing parts of Shunky sand making machine are secondary forged materials of high wearing-resistance with high chrome alloy, nickel and copper, which lengthens the service life of sand making machine to a great extent. Quality speaks for reputation. Favored price is offered for customers. Please call to find more details.