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Impact crusher of daily attention to detail

Impact crusher, sand making machine and made the difference between sand
First, crusher run, because the equipment is high-speed equipment, with special attention to safety production. The officer should stay away from equipment, For repairs on the machine should be shut down before.
Second, regular observation of breaking down the door to open observation of wear inside, the center feed tube, cone hat, impeller, the downstream channel liner, the circular shield, the wear resistant block, wear should be replaced or repaired, replaced Wear the same time block should be replaced to ensure the same weight, wear-resistant block. Crusher is prohibited observed the door open during the observation of internal work to avoid danger. Body found in wheel manufacturer to find timely replacement of worn patches. Special note: without the manufacturers consent is strictly prohibited without permission homemade impeller, or peril.
Third, the breaker should be used Mobil motor grease or Premium 3 # lithium grease every 400 hours of work by adding appropriate amount of grease, 2,000 hours of work open to clean the bearing spindle assembly, generally after about 7200 hours of work, should be replaced with new bearings. Top of the spindle bearing assembly for the swimming side, the bottom bearing for the fixed end, after the hand pulled the pulley assembly, the total rotation axis should be flexible.
Fourth, the drive belt tensioning Triangle appropriate size should be adjusted to ensure uniform stress triangular belt, dual motor drive, the tape should be grouped on both sides of triangle matching, so that each length as uniform as possible. Adjust the two motor current, motor current difference between the two should ensure that no more than 15A.