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Flakiness particle content control

Flakiness stone and stone main causes of their physical characteristics and selection of processing machinery, production process and so on. Generally hard and brittle rock in the broken needle is easy to produce flakes, broken mainly by squeezing out of the stone crusher flakiness content is relatively high, such as crushers and other stars, the rock shattered by the impact of production methods needle out of the stone sheet is relatively small, such as Impact Crusher, Impact Sand and so on. Flakiness particle content control is as follows:
(1) crusher stable, continuous feeding. Whatever the stone crusher production, require stable, continuous feed, one is to enhance production, on the other hand can reduce the flakiness gravel content, because the stable and continuous supply of material will make Crusher packed to the material, to ensure that material and crushing material between the cavity makes the flat extrusion and thin strip cross-section along its grain fracture. If the feed is not full, can not be achieved between the material and the material extrusion, sheet materials, a number of needles may be premature due to lack of opportunity to squeeze crusher discharge of the final product quality.
(2) adjusting the crushing, breaking and crushing of the best in the discharge opening ratio of production to achieve balance, to reduce the flakiness of the content of gravel
(3) selection of counter cone crusher stone crusher production. Impact crusher counterattack method is the use of crushed rock to produce stone mostly cubes, flakiness content less. Corporations are squeezing cone crusher broken but the flakiness of aggregates to produce and less, mainly to achieve a laminate cone crusher broken, broken particles not only in between the particles and liner, but in the particles and particles between. Particles squeezed between the particles makes the flat and long strips of thin cross-section along its fault, and each rock particles in the crushing chamber can also be broken many times, so particle size is better, less flakiness; other Cone Crusher job stability, low failure rate, is widely used in foreign countries.
(4) reasonable crushing and screening process. Through satellites, such as stone crushers in the rough, broken or crushed, the final product to the finished product directly into the sieve, sieve size is less than the materials will go directly to the final product to increase the proportion of flakiness content, showing a reasonable The gravel crushing and screening process to reduce flakiness content is a way.