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Jaw crusher of the work process

Jaw Crusher with its simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance and adaptability and other characteristics. In addition to jaw crusher frame, the principal moving jaw body, flywheel, motor, and so the same configuration and other China-made machines, the new crusher Heavy Henan GeIL is also equipped with a hopper or a hopper design size, can effectively prevent abrasion crusher to protect the body from direct impact moving jaw. louvered feed terminal protective cover to prevent the fragmentation process, Operator to observe the crushing chamber, the flying stone splash hurt the eyes. You can also protect the motor will not be flying out of the triangular stone belt snap. Nesting rooms are equipped with partitions, breaking the material to form a "cushion" to withstand the impact of ore falling, falling transport belt absorbing material in front of most of the impact force, thereby increasing the transport belt life.