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Pre-sales¡ªSale¡ªAfter sales

Pre-sales£ºThe company product model is complete£¬world-level manufacturing is adopted, perfect raw material is selected. Scientific and reasonable design and exquisite technology makes the using of the product high efficiently, This also lengthens life of the machine and reduces the product maintenance cost, What's more the enterprise's actual production efficiency and its profit margins is improved.
Deep crushing chamber, high crushing ratio and output capacity;
Longer service life of damageable parts, it is wearable;
Energy-saving and environmental protection, little dust and noise;
Advanced high- precision manufacturing process, the core parts adopted such heat treatment process such as spindle¡¢main bearing and damageable parts.
Large jaw crusher strictly applied welding frame which can guarantee the using of product reliably.
Product appearance is neat and has lifting hook which is convenient for installation.
Sale: Compared with other enterprises, the company's product in distribution link, loading and unloading is convenient and quick. we can ensure that we will finish the delivery and shipment of destination in the first time.
World-level manufacturing is adopted, low maintenance and repair costs compared to other similar products it will reduce the company's integrated operation cost.
After sale£ºWe provide systemic£¬professional ,convenient and thoughtful after-sale service. Any product technical issues can get the systemic and professional solution in time.