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Tailing disposalHow to Choose a Better Crusher

China is one of the mining production country in the world.. It is of great significance to the
society and environment to develop the vast tailings. As for recycling tailings, the famous Chinese mining machinery company Shunky Machinery has been doing a lot of research into the subject. Shunky’s mechanical experts found that it is important to choose the high quality efficient and advanced large crushing equipment in the process of disposing the tailings. Therefore Shunky research and develop a series of high-grade, competitive and advanced products, such as JCE European Technology Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, CS-series High-efficiency Cone Crusher ,VSI Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher.
    Thereinto, because of good granule shape, many sand factories in favour of the Impact Crusher. The most prominent feature of Shunky’s Impact Crusher is the design of hydraulic cylinder. It is more convenient to change the wearing parts than the traditional design. To finish this work, it only need one operator in a short time, while the traditional one 4 people in 1 to 2 hours. Another point is three cavities’ structure. It is good enough for the material to be crushed and the final product is of cubic shape. The main case is made of thick steel plate, cramped construction. Shunky not only produce the traditional model but  the huge one, such as PF1320PF1520 to meet the demands of various customers.
As for the tailingdisposal equipment, Shunky will supply you with the most suitable customized machinery equipment.